How We Do it.

Our Consulting Process



The speed of business today demands that organisations and leaders be nimble. Business leaders must now engage in more robust, systemic analysis of their markets and organisations, to solve problems, remove roadblocks and drive change. We help businesses challenge assumptions, gain insights and test hypotheses, to understand and diagnose what needs to change.



Then, and only then, we help develop the solutions to drive the changes required for future success, with objective commercial input that helps you deliver value in the marketplace.


Crucially, we deliver results. We’ll work with you to successfully implement interventions, monitor progress and make the required ongoing adjustments.

K3 Consulting Partners

Three Hands

“We design projects at the centre of company strategy, leadership capability and positive social impact – creating business value and social value hand-in-hand. 

Rise and Shine Group

“Taking a whole person, self leadership approach to sustainable employee high performance and wellness.

Rise and Shine specialises in behavioural profiling and corporate wellness workshops – WholeME2020 is a holistic year long programme made up of bite-sized modules. “


“At AlignOrg Solutions, we specialize in helping clients clarify strategy, optimize their organization designs, and align organization systems to lead transformational change and drive growth & marketplace success.”