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Investing in the tools and technologies that will help you identify the right talent

Investing in the tools and technologies that will help you identify the right talent should be a priority for any organisation – after all, you’re only ever as good as the people who work for you.

 As businesses grow, it becomes even more critical to hire people who genuinely fit with your culture, vision and values. With their unmatched ability to predict future job performance in organisations, psychometric assessments can effectively evaluate a wide range of individual characteristics – including cognitive ability, leadership ability, learning agility, interpersonal style, achievement drive, sales potential and resilience.

 Robust, valid psychometric tools can be used for selection purposes, as well as better informing an organisation’s existing learning and professional development processes. We are a vendor-neutral assessment provider, and can provide tailored advice and support around choosing the right products to meet your selection and development requirements.

 In particular, we look at your culture, vision, and values; your current and future priorities; and what that means for your talent strategy. For instance, we identify the behaviours and skills that are required for the position in question, alongside what needs to be developed across the organisation, and whether this is likely to change as your business grows.

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The K3 Consulting team includes some of NZ’s most experienced management consultants, with a history of success across fortune 500, government, SME and startups.

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