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Building great organisations, means building great teams and individuals

The ability for your organisation to survive or thrive will be contingent on the collective force of your people. We work with you to elevate the understanding and performance of your people and your leaders; and by elevating the performance within your organisation, ensure your overall organisational results and outcomes are optimised.

 The world we all operate in is changing, and so for all of us regardless of the industry or organisation we are in, we will need to adapt, evolve and transform along the way. Keeping ahead of your competition demands a leadership team who understands that your people strategy is one of the most powerful tools you can leverage to drive business performance and success.

 The experience of employees who work at your company speaks volumes about the kind of organisation it is. Taking care of your employees and making them want to show up for work — and put in their best effort — is what sets the most successful companies apart from the rest. A breadth of knowledge, know-how, and tools will help you create a people experience that shines within and outside your organisation.

 Then as change and transformation is required, we provide solutions and support to assist with small to large scale organisational transformation programmes and work with organisations to navigate the complexities of organisational change. We are dedicated to helping you mitigate that impact and delivering a beneficial change-experience for your employees. The process of change is different for everyone, so we will tailor an approach that suits the needs of your people and delivers tangible results for them and your organisation. We’ll equip your managers and team leaders for the challenges ahead and help people to stay motivated, productive and focused throughout, whether or not their roles are directly affected.

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The K3 Consulting team includes some of NZ’s most experienced management consultants, with a history of success across fortune 500, government, SME and startups.

We are experienced business owners and leaders ourselves, bringing hard nosed capability, purpose and ownership to the table

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