Immigration Law

K3 Legal host a specialised team of immigration lawyers, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our immigration lawyers in Auckland have experience with the immigration process in New Zealand and can assist and provide you with professional and practical advice on immigration requirements and the correct visa. 

The procedure for applying for a visa can be complex. Our immigration lawyers Auckland bring a wealth of knowledge to every case and know which strategy to take with your application and how to communicate your case clearly to immigration New Zealand. 

We can assist you with the visa application process and provide information on the following: 

  • 1. Recommend a suitable visa to apply for. 
  • 2. Assess your eligibility for a particular visa. 
  • 3. Build a case for your application. 
  • 4. Guide you through the immigration pathway all the way citizenship. 
  • 5. Develop an immigration policy for employers. 
  • 6. Assist employers with the recruitment process. 
  • 7. A representative for you with Immigration New Zealand.

As immigration lawyers Auckland we deal with the human narrative. We can clarify what is required to complete your visa application, saving you time and money in the long-term. 


Professional and practical advice on immigration requirements and visa types.




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