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3 min read - May 27, 2024

K3 celebrates successful Hong Kong launch

In April 2024, K3 Legal officially launched its Hong Kong office, marking a significant milestone in the firm's expansion beyond New Zealand. Established in association with esteemed Hong Kong firm, Fred Kan & Co., the new venture aims to enhance cross-border legal services and foster business growth between Mainland China, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

K3 has become the first New Zealand law firm to establish a presence in Hong Kong.

The launch event

The newly-established office celebrated its launch event on 9th May 2025. The event was a notable success, drawing an impressive array of attendees including local business leaders, legal industry professionals, media representatives, and partners from Mainland China.

K3 Legal extended their gratitude for the attendance and ongoing support from Peter Lund, the New Zealand Consulate-General for Hong Kong, along with the support from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE), the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (NZCCHK), and the Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association (HKNZBA).

Leading the charge at K3 Legal Hong Kong is Margaret Chen, a distinguished lawyer known for her expertise in litigation, commercial and business law and arbitration and mediation. Chen, who recently transitioned from K3's Auckland office to Hong Kong, expressed her excitement about the new opportunities this expansion presents. She emphasised the seamless experience that K3 Legal Hong Kong will offer clients.

"K3's expansion into Hong Kong marks a significant milestone in our journey, made possible through our association with Fred Kan & Co,” Chen comments. “This move opens up a world of opportunities for investors, private equity, family offices, high net worth individuals, and companies.”

A bright future ahead

The establishment of K3 Legal Hong Kong is more than just a geographical expansion – it represents a strategic effort to bolster business relationships and legal support in a critical economic corridor. The Hong Kong office is dedicated to facilitating foreign investment, immigration, cross-border disputes, and the growth of new businesses. With local teams in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and China, K3 Legal, in collaboration with Fred Kan & Co., is well-positioned to support clients navigating complex legal and commercial landscapes across these regions.

China and New Zealand have retained close economic and trade ties, strengthened by agreements such as the 2008 New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement and New Zealand's participation in China's Belt and Road Initiative. According to New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, China remains New Zealand's largest trading partner, with bilateral trade reaching NZ$38.5 billion in the year ending June 2022.

K3 Legal Hong Kong will offer a comprehensive suite of legal solutions including immigration, overseas investment, commercial law, arbitration and dispute resolution. This expansion underscores K3's commitment to providing high-quality, multidimensional legal services that cater to the dynamic needs of clients across multiple jurisdictions.

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