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1 min read - May 23, 2024

Reserved Matters – For Clarity in Governance

A well-drafted shareholders’ agreement should clearly articulate the roles, responsibilities, and decision-making abilities of a Company’s shareholders, directors and management.  Of particular importance for good governance - a clear statement of those decisions which cannot be taken without a specified level of support (Reserved Matters provisions).  These outline the boundaries for management’s discretion, director supervision and shareholder control.

Typically, Reserved Matters lists include: transactions above a certain threshold; or of an unusual nature; changes to business plans, and key personnel remuneration. 

Reserved Matters promote transparency and cooperation and strengthen the foundations for a company’s long-term stability and growth.


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Chris Lee, Director, K3 Legal - Chris@k3.co.nz.

This article is part of our series "Shareholder’s Agreements: Your Business Toolkit", providing practical insights to fortify your business foundations.


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