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2 min read - August 08, 2017


In recent months the team at K3 Consulting have been working with businesses across multiple different industries to develop strategies that will enable them to grow and prosper in the future.

Whether it’s been businesses involved in manufacturing, financial services, retail, media, professional services, construction or software development there have been three very clear, consistent themes:

  1. When they’ve undertaken Strategic Planning in the past they’ve ended up with a phone directory sized document that no one ever looks at.
  2. They’ve never spent enough time identifying how they’ll actually implement their strategy.
  3. They’re not making choices about what they will and won’t do and end up trying to do everything.

The end result being that they don’t achieve what they set out to do and they leave themselves at risk of attack from competitors who do.

Our clients have quickly seen the benefits in a strategic planning process that enables them to identify how they’ll win in the markets in which they play and what they need to have in place to make that happen.

Just as importantly they’ve got a plan which can be shared easily with the people within the business and one that ensures individuals and teams are accountable for delivering their part of the plan. The objectives individual clients want to achieve vary but we’ve seen clients generate quick wins in market share, client retention, revenue per client, new product development, staff engagement and profit.

They’re getting things done as opposed to just talking about them for another year.

For more information on how K3 Consulting can help improve your business, contact one of our Directors, Marcus Morrison on 021 024 36200.

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