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3 min read - June 14, 2022


At this time of year, it’s not uncommon for people to feel fatigued and ready for some time to kick back, relax and refresh, as the year comes to a close. This year, with all is twists and turns, that sentiment seems to be louder and more frequent. Whether it has been spending too much time with your household members or not enough time with other friends or families; thinking about variants and vaccinations; balancing new ways of working; dealing with busier periods or quieter periods; not being able to do your sports or hobbies; we have all had something or multiple things that have impacted us.

The thought of a festive season break may be a daunting prospect if it feels like groundhog day, lonely, too busy for the already exhausted, or plain unsafe. For others it will be a long-awaited break.


It is no news to us that our mental health and wellbeing is important, and so rather than tell you that all over again, we thought we would skip straight to the good stuff, and share with you what “jingles our bells”, and “lights our trees”, in the hope they give you a little inspiration for what can have your Nose Glowing and your Tinsel Sparkling.

“Whiskey and cigars. That might be a little tongue in cheek, but find something you thoroughly enjoy and treat yourself. It is okay to indulge in a few guilty pleasures from time to time. I’m looking forward to sitting on the deck with a cold drink and good friend for a long yarn” - Marcus

“We all have needs, wants and desires, and it is ok to not put those on the back-burner. I don’t have kids so it easier for me to work around the others in my family for holidays, but I’ve also learnt to speak up about what I enjoy and carve some time out for myself and what matters to me” - Karyn

“Elasticated waist bands are your friend on Christmas Day” - Santa

“It feels like loneliness has hit us all in the past few months, and I think we are all craving some in-person connection after 100+ days of lockdown. Re-entry anxiety is real, however, and if you’re feeling nervous about the prospect of being around crowds of people again, remember to take it slow. There is no single method for getting back to normal – give yourself permission to feel some anxiety and take time to readjust” - Pip

“Unplug and disappear - with so much connection to technology our bodies need a break. Whether that’s getting sunburnt in the park, picking up blisters walking in the bush, or popping a manu off the wharf, get amongst nature. I’m looking for the trifecta” – Ken

“It’s after midday somewhere in the world, when it comes to having permission to consume chocolate! And doing nothing is as meaningful as being happily hectic.“ – Katrina (somewhat reformed chocoholic).

“This is the one no one wants to hear, but earning the beers makes them taste that much better. Keeping up a bit of physical activity among your two weeks of binging, while probably only partially offsetting the calories, just makes you feel a lot better about life” – Jared.

Merry Christmas, from the team at K3 Consulting!

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