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3 min read - August 08, 2017


One of the K3 founders, director and self-described 'legal straight-shooter', Mark Kirkland says it makes sense for the Auckland-based firm to offer their clients the ability to use all three professional services 'under one roof'."

In a sector of one dimensional offerings we wanted to offer more. We’ve never had a traditional mindset - we like to challenge the status quo, we believe in collective thinking and we’re bringing something new to the market,” says Kirkland, who helped start the law firm more than nine years ago.

"Now, when our clients say to us 'I’ll need to find an accountant for that', or 'I’m not sure I have the right model for my business', we can help to organise a fast, efficient and trustworthy solution in a matter of seconds.”

The K3 line-up includes:

  • K3 Legal Limited – formerly Kirkland Morrison O’Callahan, led by Mark Kirkland, Edwin Morrison, Brent O’Callahan, James Nolen and Margaret Chen.
  • K3 Consulting Limited – led by Greg Radford and Marcus Morrison. Radford was the successful CEO of Reach Media (a joint venture with New Zealand Post) for eight years and Morrison is an experienced CEO and business leader who has held high-profile positions here and overseas, including consulting to some of the world’s largest companies such as Shell, Nokia and Microsoft.
  • K3 Accounting Limited - headed by Richard Matson, who has more than 20 years' accounting and taxation service experience, most recently as Senior Manager at an Auckland-based accounting firm.

Morrison says K3 will operate differently from traditional professional services organisations. “We’re nimble, entrepreneurial and results focused; as such the K3 offering is a smarter way for our clients to reach their goals. Our aim is to help clients grow, prosper and succeed and they can now utilise one, two or all three of our services.”

Morrison says the K3 name came from the desire to escape the use of multiple surnames traditionally used by professional services firms and actively demonstrate the desire to be ‘different’. Drawing inspiration from the mountain K2, the ‘K’ is also a nod to their roots and the name Kirkland, while the number ‘3’ refers to the three pillars of the new business.

“K3 has a boldness and contemporary feel. It’s future-focused, clutter-free and ready for an increasingly digital world,” says Morrison.

The name and design was developed by noted branding agency Principals.

To cater for its rapidly-growing business, K3 will move to new premises near the Auckland District Court later in the year.

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