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2 min read - August 08, 2017


Something we are seeing and hearing a lot of is that a number of businesses are enjoying the benefits of a buoyant economy with plenty of opportunity to grow existing operations or to develop into new areas. Clearly, this is a great indicator for both the state of the current economy but also business owners’ and leaders’ confidence for the future.

A recent example which K3 Consulting has been involved with is a business that has been operating in the Waikato successfully since 1947. They have enjoyed a significant amount of organic growth over the last 5 years, as well as having a board that has been focused on proactively driving growth through business acquisitions and new site builds.

Through February, we worked with the board and the senior management team to really diagnose where the operation is today, specifically in terms of its clients, drivers of profit and loss, its team’s skill set, and the market opportunity. From there it was possible to workshop with the group exactly what it’s mission, vision and values need to be in order to achieve its key strategic goals over the coming five years. They have acknowledged that without these issues clearly identified and articulated, it would be impossible to execute any strategy coherently, or know where to place emphasis and relative de-emphasis.

As a result, the business is now working with a very clear coherent and coordinated action plan with set accountabilities to drive the business forward.

Beyond this, we have been helping a number of other businesses to:

  • Either check in or reset their strategies
  • Ensure sales team effectiveness
  • Assist with the due diligence process in advance of a potential merger
  • Work through a range of HR-related issues

All in all, a busy but rewarding start to K3 Consulting. We look forward to keeping you informed of the interesting and impactful projects that we are undertaking on an ongoing basis.

For more information on how K3 Consulting can help improve your business, contact one of our Directors; Marcus Morrison on 021 024 36200 or Greg Radford on 021 664 180.

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