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4 min read - April 29, 2022


After years of thought and observation, on 1 February 2017 our vision of a services firm for each and every business need was realised.

K3 harnesses dynamic business consulting, accounting and legal expertise under one roof to create pure power.

 The indestructible power of three

Have you been frustrated with professional advisers who don’t communicate effectively together about your business? It‘s crucial that your advisers are on your team and also on the same page when they’re advising you on tax, asset acquisition and disposal and dispute resolution issues.

 Every member of the K3 team can access the legal, accounting and business consulting skills and experience. This means when you come to us with an issue, we can tackle it from three different angles to help you kick off innovative solutions.

 The idea of combining professional advisers isn’t new. Both PWC and Ernst Young have already established law firms practicing under their banner (PWC Legal and EY Law). The concept of multi disciplinary practices is common overseas and is popular with clients because of convenience and improved communication. 

 In January 2018 the K3 group will move to our new building at 83 Albert Street, Auckland. It’s next to the Auckland District Court, opposite the new Aotea station and a stone’s throw away from the Auckland City Council, Sky City, and the new convention centre.

 Having our lawyers, accountants and business consultants all under one roof in a handy location means our clients can see their advisers in one place and at the same time.

Why work as a collective?
We believe over the last three decades accountants have eroded many areas of work that used to be the sole domain of lawyers. This includes company incorporations, structures, shareholder agreements, shareholder disputes, tax structures and tax disputes to name just a few.

 When I first started my legal career in the 80’s, lawyers were the first port of call for advice on all major business decisions. These days lawyers very rarely have any input into company structure or shareholders agreements. When I’m instructed I inevitably have to deal with an accounting firm on the other side of the matter.

 The very real problem with accountants advising clients in areas involving the law is their background and perspective (I’ve also been trained as an accountant so I can comment on this with some insight). Accountants have been trained to see things from a numbers perspective and, more often that not, in a historical framework. Lawyers however are trained to think about future events, particularly about what can go wrong.

 The vision of K3 is to combine the skill sets of K3 Legal lawyers (2017 New Zealand Law Awards Finalists) and K3 Accounting accountants (lead by Richard Matson) so our clients get the advantages of both approaches. Our consulting team lead by Marcus Morrison, Greg Radford and Ken Brophy (Marcus and Ken of Grafton Consulting and Greg previously from Reach Media) adds the input of the best consulting team in the country to an already powerful mix.

 An early example of a business that harnessed K3’s power of three is one of my clients in the oil drilling industry. Our legal and accounting team combined to set up the structure and prepare the required business plans, while the consulting team provided strategy and documents to help to the client win tenders from large international companies. Now the future’s looking bright and they aren’t looking back.

 At K3, we do things differently. The owners of the business work directly with you. It’s a non-traditional approach for an increasingly non-traditional world – because now, normal’s not enough.

 To talk to us about how K3 can help, get in touch with our team by filling in the form below, or giving us a call. 

 Although K3 Legal Limited markets itself under the K3 brand it is a separate company from K3 Accounting Limited and K3 Consulting Limited.

 No information can be shared between the three firms without a clients express authority and each firm has its own terms of engagement.

 K3 Legal is regulated by the New Zealand Law Society and K3 Accounting by CAANZ, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand.

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